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Thank you for shopping - Get a 2% refund on your invoice price with premium images now!
We would like to thank you very much for your purchase of Burchard Excellence, Highway Hawk or Ledrie products. We hope that you enjoy our products and have already installed them successfully.

As we highly appreciate your satisfaction and loyalty, we would like to offer you a special promotion today:

We will retroactively refund you 2% of the invoice price (without shipment costs). So you can not only enjoy our high quality products, but also save money. Take the chance now and don't miss this refund. To get the 2% refund, we only need high quality pictures of our products on your motorcycle in front of a special backdrop.

Please note the following requirements:

- At least 4 images in 3000 x 3000 / 150dpi format.
- A special scenery in the background, for example a cityscape, mountains or great landscapes
- You must explicitly grant us the rights to the image

Once we have reviewed the images and they meet the requirements, we will refund you 2% of the invoice price. Thank you again for your purchase and we look forward to seeing your images.

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