Bowden cables Individual

Handlebar conversion is part of every customizing project. In addition to the optical refinement, this is often also due to ergonomic aspects!

Whether flat, wide, high, curved, angular or round. When it comes to handlebar conversion, individuality is very important. The handlebars must look perfect and blend perfectly into the line of the motorcycle! But the conversion must also be drivable!

We offer you the right handlebar for almost every type of vehicle and person! From our Ape hangers, flyer bars, Z-handlebars or even simple drag bars to the extreme Bad Ape! Everything is possible! Once the right handlebar has been found, the search for new trains begins. In most cases, extended gas trains and coupling trains are required. In our Highway Hawk line we offer you suitable series of gas trains and clutch trains. Always graded in +15cm / +30cm to the original length. In 90% of cases, our series trains are sufficient! But what if +15cm is too long or you need exactly +20cm!?

Individuality is required! We offer the solution!

Here, too, we can offer you suitable gas trains and coupling trains. Simply use our one-off production. All you have to do is determine your desired size and send us your original trains! For special trains, we take over the original connections of the old trains and manufacture a completely new train. You will receive trains made exactly to your desired size.

Below you will find the various gas trains and coupling trains in our shop. Give us your desired length directly when ordering via the comment function in the article. This allows us to process your order as quickly as ever.

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