Motorrad Burchard GmbH takes over the Bowden cable division of Graner Fahrzeugtechnik with immediate effect

Expansion of the product portfolio

Following the acquisitions of the Highway Hawk and Ledrie brands in September 2019, Motorrad Burchard GmbH is now taking over the Bowden cable division of Graner Fahrzeugtechnik, thus taking another step towards the future.

In addition to expanding the product portfolio, Sebastian Burchard, Managing Director of Motorrad Burchard GmbH, expects the takeover to make the production of Bowden cables for motorcycles, cars and boats even more flexible. Bowden cables are used to transmit tensile and compressive forces and are used, among other things, as brake, gearshift, accelerator or clutch cables and are thus an important component in vehicle technology.

Motorrad Burchard GmbH has been manufacturing certified custom parts for over 40 years. With the takeover of Graner Bowdenzugtechnik, the Lemgo-based company can position itself more broadly in the market and further advance the company's development. Managing Director Sebastian Burchard is optimistic about the acquisition and looks to the future with confidence: "In the Japanese and American custom bike scene, we are positioning ourselves ever more broadly! I am very pleased that my visions for the future are becoming reality and that our targeted measures to further develop our company are bearing fruit. In addition to focusing on our own production, we will be able to tackle and implement further projects in the coming months."

Traditional company with a modern focus

The development and production of the finest motorcycle parts for Japanese and American choppers, cruisers and bobbers are now more in the second generation in the house Burchard in real handwork.

Founder and second managing director Giselher Burchard is still actively involved in the company and welcomes the acquisition of the Bowden cable division of Graner Fahrzeugtechnik. Already since the acquisition of the Highway Hawk and Ledrie brands, his focus has returned more to product development and production organization.

"My task now will be to integrate the production of Graner Fahrzeugtechnik into our manufacturing and to optimize the processes. One of our first measures will be to significantly reduce throughput times. We want to implement a 48-hour service for Bowden cable modifications. That is the goal!" emphasizes Giselher Burchard.

Familiar service for customers

In addition to the continuous further development of the company, the focus continues to be on the customers. "Good service is firmly anchored in our company philosophy. That's why we supply our clientele with the usual quality and speed," explains Sebastian Burchard. All inquiries and orders for Graner Bowden cables will be handled by Motorrad Burchard GmbH with immediate effect.

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