Purchased the brands "Highway Hawk" and "Ledrie"

Ladies and gentlemen,

Our company has purchased the brands "Highway Hawk" and "Ledrie" as of 27.08.2019.

Please note that we are creating a new online shop. This is much more modern and also can be used mobile without any problems. As soon as the online shop is ready, you will receive your access data and can order it as usual.

During this time, orders are only possible by e-mail to: info@motorrad-burchard.de

In addition, delivery delays will occur in September due to the relocation of the warehouse from the Netherlands to Germany. We ask for your understanding here.

Our goal in the 2nd week of October is to be ready with everything so that there are no more restrictions.

Here are the press report:

You are welcome to contact us by e-mail or phone for further questions.


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