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Highway Hawk USB Plug - Fits - 22 mm (7/8'') and - 25 mm (1'') handlebars
Highway Hawk USB Plug comes with 120 mm wire 5V 2A output 120 cm cable Fits Ø - 22 mm (7/8'') and Ø - 25 mm (1'') handlebars Made of Durable Molded Plastic
€36.56 *
Highway Hawk Motorcycle 12V outlet for 7/8" (22mm) or 1"(25,4mm) handlebars black
Motorcycle 12V Power For 7/8" (22mm) or 1" (25,4mm) handlebars black All assembly materials required for assembly will be supplied.
€21.41 *
Highway Hawk Motorcycle Socket Handlebar USB Adapter Plug 12v input / 5v 2a output
Motorcycle Outlet for the handlebar USB Adapter Plug 5v 2a output - Suitable for 1" and 22 (7/8") handlebars - Ready for installation incl. wiring harness and 2a fuse - including protective cover splash water protection - Input voltage 12v - Output voltage 5v 2a
€38.89 *